The most important stages of your real estate loan process.

  1. Initial contact: This stage involves capturing the lead’s contact information and basic details about their loan needs.
  2. Qualification: In this stage, the lead’s information is verified and their loan application is pre-approved.
  3. Information gathering: The lead is provided with additional information about the loan process and required documentation.
  4. Application review: The loan application and supporting documentation are reviewed for completeness and accuracy.
  5. Underwriting: The loan application is evaluated by underwriters to determine the lead’s creditworthiness and the loan’s risk.
  6. Approval: The loan is approved or denied based on the underwriting decision.
  7. Closing: The lead is provided with a loan agreement and final closing documents. The loan is closed once all documents are signed and funds are disbursed.
  8. Post-closing: The lead is provided with information about loan servicing and follow-up is conducted to ensure customer satisfaction.
  9. Repayment: The lead begins repaying the loan according to the terms of the loan agreement.
  10. Renewal: The lead is contacted at the end of the loan term to discuss loan renewal options.

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